Philippines hoping to start pork exports

25-05-2007 | |

Being no pork exporting country as yet, the Philippines is hoping to make its first steps into the world of pork trade.

Main target has to be Japan, Philippine agriculture secretary Arthur Yap announced.

The US, the European Union, Mexico, Russia also have to be supplied with Philippine pork and pork products before the end of the year – just like other Asian countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.

Pork products
Processed pork items include luncheon meat, spam, pork and beans, lechon paksiw, pork adobo, sisig, chili con carne and bistik tagalong.

The Philippines’ can export pork and pork products now the 2005 Foot-and-Mouth disease (FMD) has completely been eradicated.

The country is now awaiting certification by the Animal Health Organization (OIE) of being free of FMD.

Altogether, the Philippine hog industry is expected to grow 3.5% only this year.

The pork industry contributes about 39% to the country’s total livestock production; last year, its value was estimated at Philippine peso 126.54 billion (€2.04 billion).

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