Philippines: Canadian pork import ban lifted

11-05-2009 | |

The Philippine government has lifted the temporary ban on most Canadian pork imports as pork consumption is proved not to transmit Influenza A H1N1 virus that has claimed more than 50 lives worldwide.

The lifting of the temporary suspension on pork imports from Canada followed the earlier government move to remove similar trade restrictions on pork originating from influenza affected zones in North America.

However, pork products coming from Canadian province of Alberta will still be banned for flu concerns, The Department of Agriculture said.

Davinio Catbagan, head of the department’s animal industry bureau, said the swine farm in Alberta is still under quarantine although no pig mortality was reported there.©The Philippines bought less than 5% of its pork consumption demands from abroad, with Canada being the major source of origin for pork imports.

The Philippines has not yet reported any suspected or confirmed Influenza A H1N1 cases.

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