Philippine pork shortage prompts import increase

01-10-2009 | |

Low pork production has prompted the Philippine government to import an additional 20,000 metric tonnes (MT) for this years upcoming holiday season.

The Government consultedĀ© with hog farmers who acknowledged thatĀ© backyard farms have yet to recover from diseases that struck in the last two years leaving a gap in supply.

“We are worried about the pork supply situation. We do not want a very sharp spike in prices,” Agriculture Undersecretary Bernie G. Fondevilla said. “Our [import] target is 20,000 MT to make sure that there is pork coming in.”

Renato R. Eleria, chairman of the National Federation of Hog Farmers, Inc., concurred. “Supply is really tight. Backyard farmers are still affected by diseases in the past, so they have lower output,” he said in an interview late last week. “We agreed to have a small importation for standby stock.”