Philippine pig worker infected with Ebola

23-01-2009 | |
Philippine pig worker infected with Ebola

A Philippine pig farm worker has tested positive for the Ebola-Reston virus, Philipinne Health Secretary Francisco Duque has announced.

Duque told a news conference that the farm worker carries the virus’s anti-bodies in his blood, but the identity and age of the man and the location of the farm was not disclosed.

The announcement comes as a World Health Organization-led mission to the Philippines concludes its investigations of the viral outbreak on pig farms.

The Philippines had asked the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) for help in stopping the spread of Ebola-Reston virus after an infection was found in some hog farms last year.

The presence of the Ebola-Reston virus in some pigs in two commercial farms and two backyard farms in the country was the first such case anywhere in the world.

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