Philippine financial subsidies for hog farmers

15-07-2008 | |
Philippine financial subsidies for hog farmers

The Philippine Department of Agriculture has announced that it will start a P70-million (€1 million) piglet subsidy and feed support program for backyard hog growers hit by Typhoon “Frank.”

P50 million (€700,000) will be used for a piglet dispersal plan and P20 million (€300,000) for animal feed subsidies, Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap stated. The rehabilitation package for the livestock sector would also include animal health programs and laboratory services.

Bureau of Animal Industry Director Davinio Catbagan said the DA would also have a massive P30-million vaccination program to protect the hog population against possible diseases such as Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome .

“The program is targeted to benefit small backyard farmers, where we aim to vaccinate the entire backyard population to ensure the production of healthy piglets that will grow in time to meet the high demand for pork in the third and fourth quarters of the year,” Catbagan said.

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