Pfizer unveils newly expanded swine respiratory disease portfolio

13-07-2010 | |

Pfizer has unveiled its newly expanded swine respiratory disease (SRD) portfolio at a meeting in the company’s European headquarters in Paris.

The company now has one of the most comprehensive ranges of vaccines and leading anti-infectives for the prevention and treatment of common porcine diseases across the production cycle.

One of the key additions to the SRD portfolio has been the Suvaxyn range of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M. hyo) vaccines, including Europe’s only product that protects against both M. hyo and Haemophilus parasuis (HPS).

Market research also released at the meeting shows that preventing M. hyo is a top priority for producers, with 67% of respondents vaccinating for the disease. The majority of those surveyed (80%) have also added Circovirus to their vaccination schedule, rather than replacing M. hyo. In addition, three-quarters of producers used anti-infectives for respiratory disease, specifically for outbreaks but in some cases for prevention.

Paolo Doncecchi, Associate Director, Pfizer Swine Marketing, says the research demonstrates that producers want to remain flexible in the face of disease dynamics. “The roles of prevention and control of porcine diseases vary between and within markets, and producers require a number of tools and options at their disposal. “Our augmented portfolio allows us to work even more closely with the industry to understand those disease dynamics and enable bespoke disease control solutions.”

The importance of HPS infection was highlighted by leading German veterinarian, Dr Franz Lappe, who believes that the infection is easily under-estimated as a primary cause of respiratory disease: “Vets tend to associate HPS with polyserositis and therefore Glässer’s disease; it is not thought of as a pathogen for SRD. But in my experience, it is most often seen as a component of respiratory disease in the farrowing and nursery phase.”

Pfizer’s unique Suvaxyn M. hyo+HPS vaccine is the only product of its kind allowing producers to protect their herds against HPS and M. hyo – two of the industry’s most economically damaging diseases. “The Suvaxyn range, combined with the industry leading respiratory anti-infective, Draxxin, means we can offer veterinarians and their clients a range of quality solutions for the prevention and treatment of swine respiratory disease,” Mr Doncecchi says.

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