Peru reports PRRS virus on commercial pig farm – no disease

14-02-2012 | |

Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) virus was recently confirmed at a commercial pig farm in Peru. No animals, however, appear to have become ill.

The presence of virus was reported on an industrial pig farm for meat production where vaccination is not applied, near the village of Huertos de Oro, district Chilca, province Cañete, department of Lima, in mid-December 2011.
The farm has a population of 14,783 animals of different age groups.
Positive serological results were obtained (ELISA) in 11 animals (five-month-old sows). No clinical signs of the disease or on-going outbreaks have been reported, it was only animals being reactive to ELISA.
The event was resolved on the 22nd of December. Information reached the desks of the Animal Health Organization (OIE) on February 10, 2012.
Vaccination against PRRS was prohibited in this case; no treatment has been applied. In the OIE report, it is suspected that the virus may have been caused by legal movement of animals or by import of seropositive animals.
Senasa maintains a permanent surveillance in all farms in the area. Surveillance activities conducted at national level indicate the absence of the disease.
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