PEOPLE: Sam McIvor steps down as NZ Pork CEO

19-03-2012 | |
PEOPLE: Sam McIvor steps down as NZ Pork CEO

After almost six years at New Zealand Pork, CEO Sam McIvor is leaving the role as from mid-March. A recruitment process for his replacement is well underway.

Board chairman Ian Carter said, “Sam has had an action packed tenure during which we’ve endured a global economic crisis and domestically the industry has had some big issues to work through.”

“Championing the industry’s strong environmental standing, progressing the animal welfare changes and maintaining the industry’s disease free status have been significant pieces of work and Sam has shown strong leadership and the ability to work effectively with farmers through to politicians in this process.”

Value chain wide initiatives
He has also led value chain wide initiatives focused on all parties working together to improve product quality and drive consumer demand for locally produced product. “There is no doubt that consumers are much more aware now of the 700,000 kg of imported pork coming into the country each week and they’re looking for NZ grown labelled products.”

There has also been a positive movement by processors to support the local industry.

McIvor won’t be totally lost to the pork industry, as he is going to head up a group of companies for well-known Wellington meat family Prestons. “I’m sure they’ll continue to sell plenty of NZ grown pork products, given his understanding of our industry.”

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