People: New CEO, director for Danish Pig Research Centre

14-05-2014 | |
People: New CEO, director for Danish Pig Research Centre

Director Claus Fertin, 45, has been appointed as the new CEO for the Danish Pig Research Centre (DPRC) and Klaus Jørgensen, 56, has been recruited as market director.

“We are extremely satisfied that we have managed to attract Fertin as the new CEO of the Danish Pig Research Centre. He is an experienced business leader and a CEO with a solid point of departure in science and economy,” says chairman of the DPRC, Erik Larsen.

The new CEO, who holds a Msc in Agricultural Science and a Ph.d. in Economics, has been CEO with Viking Genetics since 2010. Prior to that he has been CEO at the Danish Meat Research Institute and “Fellesslagteriet” in Oslo, Norway.

“Fertin has a substantial background and will be a great asset in our work to guide DPRC through the administrative and professional challenges that need to be taken care of. In addition, he has a solid understanding of the industry and its research, development and innovation, and can therefore make his contribution to strengthen the entire area in the future,” added Larsen.

“The recruitment of Klaus Jørgensen for the position as market director will be yet an additional benefit for the sale of DanAvl pig genetics throughout the world,” continues Larsen.

Jørgensen comes from Danfoss, where since 2002 he held the position of vice president of Corporate Marketing and head of Danfoss Sales & Marketing Program with responsibility for the development and implementation processes and tools across the divisions and borders.

“We have decided to create the position for a market director in order to strengthen the managerial and strategic focus on developing the DanAvl business even further.

Jørgensen will be included in the strategic management of DanAvl’s development in close cooperation with the DanAvl-Committee, the new CEO Fertin and CTO Anders Vernersen. Jørgensen shall furthermore serve also as secretary for the DanAvl-Committee, and will have management responsibility for the Market Department, including marketing manager Birgitte Pedersen.

DanAvl is a global concept and brand, owned and managed by the Danish Pig Research Centre.