PEOPLE: New BPEX appointment to improve pig health, meat safety

19-04-2012 | |

Katrin Turvey has been appointed BPEX veterinary programme manager with responsibility for managing the BPEX Research and Development programme of activity for improving pig health and pig meat safety.

Turvey, who grew up on her parents arable and pig farm, joined BPEX as Health Schemes Manager in 2010 after working in the pig breeding industry for several years.
BPEX head of research and development Derek Armstrong said: “Her enthusiasm and background experience in practical pig husbandry will stand her in good stead in developing and delivering an effective programme of action to help the pig industry achieve the Vision of the 20:20 Pig Health and Welfare Strategy.
“The aim of this is to achieve better pig performance, the production of a safe and quality product, reduced environmental impact and increasing sustainability of an industry that contributes fully to national food security.”