Paraná gathers for pig symposium and course

04-06-2007 | |

The Brazilian Conference on Animal Reproduction, held May 31 – June 2 in Curitiba, capital of Paraná State, Brazil, had a symposium and a course dedicated exclusively to swine reproduction where the audience was introduced to some research results in the area.

The event was organised by the Brazilian College of Animal Reproduction.

Dr Paulo Roberto da Silva Oliveira, from EMBRAPA-CNPSA (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation-Swine & Poultry Research Center) opened the speech series talking about uterine health and its inter-relations with sow reproductive efficiency.

Next, Dr Robson Antunes (from Federal University at Uberlândia) spoke about technological advances and applicability of semen freezing techniques.

Before the discussion round, Dr Rômulo M.B. Valença ended the speech series with a talk on advances on hog nutrition and its effects on the quality of semen.

Range of topics
In the two days the course was split to, listeners were introduced to a range of topics covering all aspects of reproduction, since mineral nutrition of sows and its relation to reproductive longevity up to a discussion of precocious weaning, from the perspectives of piglets and sow (both by André Ricardo Ebert from Alltech Brasil).

Dr Oliveira and Dr Antunes delivered speeches focused on sows: the first discussing some factors that interfere with parturition rates, and the last considering the post-weaning reproductive management, especially the interval between weaning and oestrus.

At the last talk, Dr Valença complemented his previous talk with an analysis on how anti-oxidants can improve the viability of swine sperm cells.

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