Pancosma introduces SUCRAM TakTik

17-11-2008 | |

Pancosma, a global leader in the development and supply of science-based innovative animal nutrition products has introduced SUCRAM Taktik.

Pancosma has built a strong reputation with its customers for the physical quality of its products. The foundation of this reputation is based on the ISO FUSION™ Technology (IFT) process. This is defined as “an intimate combination of micro ingredients into a particle in which the proportions of the constituents are equal from one particle to the other”.

The strategy is to always look for methods of further improving the IFT process to deliver to the customer even more innovative and efficacious products. This can now be seen with the introduction of TakTik Technology in the form of the new SUCRAM® TakTik taste enhancer.

TakTik Technology is the state of the art Pancosma owned fusion of two separate IFT particles using spray granulation and fluidised bed encapsulation processes. The result is a unique combination of ingredients, which when eaten by the animal produce a double impact taste experience.

For the animal the attractiveness of the feed is increased in ways not experienced before, thereby optimising intake and growth potential. Trials with piglets have demonstrated significant increases in daily feed intake and weight gain making SUCRAM® TakTik an essential ingredient for today’s modern production systems.

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