Pan-Asian pork production joint venture

19-05-2009 | |

AgFeed Industries one of the largest independent hog production and animal nutrient companies in China has entered into a letter of intent to form a joint venture with M2P2, a leading US hog production and industry management consulting company.

Formed in 2003, M2P2 merges expertise in all phases of hog production, from birth to market, into one company. M2P2 currently operates in six states throughout the US and owns and operates 28,500 sows and finishes 1,200,000 market hogs annually.

Upgrade pork production systems
The joint venture will be a Pan Asian based production management company focused on introducing the western model of modern production systems. The management services offered will include facility planning, international staff training, science based genetics, bio security and interactive information systems to upgrade pork production systems throughout Asia.

AgFeed will be the first customer of this joint venture. AgFeed’s expansion plans will utilise the expertise in this joint venture to design, build, and operate a western model of hog production. AgFeed’s operation will be staffed by US trained Chinese employees applying proven western management production technology to maximise production with superior genetic animals that are “green” certified and exceed the standards of the food safety laws to be introduced in China in June 2009.

Genetics programs
Additionally, AgFeed, Hypor and M2P2 will explore the joint development of genetics programs to distribute world-class genetics and best bio-security practices across Pan Asian markets.

The joint venture will be majority owned by AgFeed. After the initial beta-site project the joint venture will offer the proven services to hog producers in China and Asia as well as international companies seeking a foothold in the Pan-Asian market where 65% of the world’s hog production is consumed.

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