Overview: swine industry at Diamond V Asian Technical Conference

08-04-2010 | |

Insights from Guan Wutai, Ph.D., Professor in the College of Animal Sciences at the South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China, headlined the Diamond V Asian Distributor Technical Conference March 2-4 at the Imperial Queens Park Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, for attendees from Asia and the Middle East.

In an overview of the swine industry in the People’s Republic of China, Professor Wutai noted that the nearly 600 million pigs marketed in 2009 represent a 17% decrease from the previous year, a decrease due primarily to disease. As he reviewed the most common farrow-to-finish facilities, he said the trend in new construction is to modern, eco-friendly, farm faculties managed for efficient production. The primary problems Chinese swine operations experience are low feed intake, stress, mites, and cracked feet in sows.
New feed technologies
Current research by Professor Wutai focuses on new feed technologies such as the inclusion of all-natural Diamond V nutritional metabolites in sow diets. Diamond V® is the global leader in fermentation technology. Recent research results show that Diamond V nutritional metabolites improve the nutrient digestibility of the diet. Greater nutrient digestibility supports production through a higher number of pigs born, pigs born healthy, litter size, pigs weaned and liter weight at weaning. Demand remains strong for natural products that improve the efficiency and profitability of Chinese hog farms.
Attendees also received a thorough backgrounding on the role of Diamond V nutritional metabolites in both swine and poultry production including research summaries, a discussion of mode of action, effects on the immune system, and role in the Asian markets.


SelenoSource, a premium source of organic selenium (Selenomethionine), was also discussed. SelenoSource is more biologically available than sodium selenite or sodium selenate, the two inorganic forms of selenium commonly used in the feed industry today.
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