Over 1,000 pigs perish in two Belgian fires

24-12-2009 | |

Blazes on two pig production sites in West Belgium have killed over 1,000 pigs last weekend, the website of the Flemish Information Centre for Agri- and Horticulture (VILT) reports.

At a pig farm in the municipality of Ardooie, flames rapidly destroyed a farmhouse with 586 swine, that did not stand a chance. The fire apparently was caused by a short circuit in the electricity system. Subsequently, the pigs were exposed to a burning collapsing roof, heavy smoke and freezing outside air.

In Heuvelland, a burning pig house and smoke killed 70 sows and 450 piglets. Surviving pigs were euthanised after the flames as they had been suffering too much. As yet it is unclear what caused this farm.

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