Organic meets GMO? Trend watcher speaks at VIV

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Organic meets GMO? Trend watcher speaks at VIV

What does the future of food like? This question was key in a multimedia presentation by trend watcher Adjiedj Bakas, on the eve of VIV Europe 2014.

Bakas spoke at the Grand Eve, organised by VIV and Rabobank, which was a warming up for the international trade show which kicks off today, Tuesday, May 20, in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

He painted a picture for his audience touching on a future with a next generation who is completely ditigally native – who will want to know where their food came from.

He also painted a picture of being able to persuade customers to buy certain products. Eggs can protect against blindness through marigold in its yolk, he reminded his audience. Tell this story, and prices could in theory go up ten-fold, he said. All he wanted to say: Food is about emotion.

Using these two developments – information and persuasion he summed up a range of novel developments for the future of food. Organic would meet GMO, he said, leading to personalised food. Youngsters don’t want farmers anymore. Urban farms might start to exist. Meat substitutes will become more important. Food and agriculture will become more available than ever. Snacks will contain only low-calories. New types of eggs and tomatoes prevent humans from getting fat.

He closed off with an ambitious statement: “We can easily feed 24 billion people.”

Other speakers

Not only Bakas addressed the audience at the Grand Eve, so did Mr GV Boumeester, global head Food & Agri Coverage Rabobank International and Dr Aalt Dijkhuizen, president Dutch Top Sector Agri & Food.

An emotional plea was launched by Toine van Toor, who highlighted Big Challenge – successful charity activities of the Dutch animal husbandry sector to stand up against cancer.

VIV Europe will be held from 20 through 22 May in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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Vincent ter Beek Editor of Pig Progress / Topic: Pigs around the world