Opportunities at China International Livestock Industry

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Opportunities at China International Livestock Industry

An outstanding business opportunity for professionals and enterprises engaged in the animal protein production in China and abroad is being arranged in Beijing, from 20 – 25 September 2014.

The China International Livestock Industry Week will feature a week of events relating to the upgrading of animal protein production systems and knowledge. The industry will be on full display in the VIV China International Summit (VICS), followed by VIV China 2014.

About one-third of visitors to the show are expected to come from outside China, keen to explore the potential for sourcing new products, trading with Chinese partners in Asia or selling technology to China’s animal protein producers.

“China’s market is big and still growing,” says VIV market manager Ruwan Berculo, “but we structure it for our visitors, breaking it down into easily digestible pieces. In this way the business week in Beijing provides an ideal gateway to understanding what China needs and how to be part of that industry growth going forward.”

VICS 2014: poultry, aquaculture and pigs

“Our international visitors would be well advised to plan on spending at least five days with us, beginning with the sector-by-sector conferences that make it easy to have more topic-based conversations about each animal protein segment before moving on to VIV China. The VIV International China Summit (VICS) features three days of conferences, workshops and seminars, grouped by sector. There will be a two-day International Poultry Forum, the Aquatic China conference for China’s aquaculture industry, China Pork Outlook 2015 presentations and several all-specie Feed to Meat walk-in sessions.

Top-level Chinese producers

Ruwan Berculo: “In promoting VIV China 2014, we have targeted especially the top-level producers from the seven largest provinces of China for the production of pork, poultry and fish. In this way we aim to receive and welcome the top 20% of the country’s larger farmers, traders and associated specialists.

Every one of the worldwide VIV events has the same Feed to Meat theme, but only the one in Beijing places it so decisively in a Chinese context. The theme is illustrated at VIV China 2014 by the early calculation that about 50% of all exhibits will relate to matters of animal health and nutrition. Another 30% to the housing and breeding or rearing of the animals and the remaining 20% to the area known generally as processing, which in this case refers to the manufacture of livestock feeds at the start of the feed-to-meat chain as well as the processing of meat and eggs as final products.

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