Ontario Pork aiming at pork niche markets

18-06-2007 | |

Ontario Pork hopes to create new opportunities for pork producers in several niche markets.

For that reason, the George Morris Centre, Canada’s independent agri-food think tank, was commissioned to develop a plan for building and maintaining differentiated, or niche, market initiatives.

Using a Value Chain Management model, the plan identifies ways in which producers can seize real market opportunities by identifying the product attributes that consumers want, then implementing methods to deliver them to the market efficiently and effectively.

Martin Gooch, senior research associate at the centre, explains the value of taking such an approach.

“What you sell is the inevitable result of a series of processes. Unless you clearly understand the requirements of your end market consumers and can translate those needs into informed management decisions, your business will never achieve its full potential. The report is based on practical insights from successful differentiated pork and other agri-food initiatives operating in North America and overseas.”

Keith Robbins, director of communications and consumer marketing for Ontario Pork is very pleased with the project outcome.

“Our goal is to identify market opportunities, and to provide Ontario pork producers with the tools to take advantage of these situations in order to become more competitive. The value chain management approach allows those already in differentiated markets to strengthen their operations.”

Funding for the report was provided by Ontario Pork and the Canada-Ontario Research and Development (CORD) Program.

Ontario Pork represents the 3,100 farmers who market hogs in the province in many areas.

The report can be found here.

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