One more Dutch retailer bans pig castration

11-02-2010 | |

As from March 1, 2010, the Dutch supermarket chain C1000 will drop its requirement for male pig castration in order to buy the pork.

This means that, by the end of 2011, all fresh pork in this retail chain should be free from castration procedures.

This was announced this week by the retailer’s holding company Schuitema. The company follows the Netherlands’ number one retailer Albert Heijn, which announced to move to selling only pork from non-castrated pigs last month.

It is unclear how the retailer will assure the pork is free of boar taint.

Animal activist groups
Increasing pressure from animal activist groups has contributed to boar fattening in the Netherlands. Only last year, all Dutch retailers reached a convenant agreeing that all would sell pork from piglets that were anaesthesised prior to castrating.

Generally, the Dutch pig industry aims to be free of castration procedures in 2015. In surrounding countries, like Denmark, Norway, Germany and Switzerland, piglet castration is also a big issue.

In the UK, Ireland and large parts of Spain and Portugal, piglets are not castrated.

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