Olmix launches growth promoter at Bangkok seminar

13-11-2009 | |

Feed additive supplier Olmix has officially launched its natural growth promoter MFeed at a two-day seminar in the Thai capital of Bangkok.

The seminar, held October 30/31, was attended by 82 delegates from 16 different countries.

Sixteen speakers presented papers and topics ranged from a discussions about the the problems relating to the maluse of antibiotics in animal feeds to the mode of action of the new product, along with reports of successful commercial trials using the product in numerous species.

The feed industry was represented by key players such as Charoen Pokphand, Betagro, ADM (USA), Provimi, Sanders and Pakistani animal feed compounders. Other attendees included distributors, farmers and university livestock specialists.

Problems and risks
Adressing the delegates, Olmix group chairman Hervé Balusson highlighted the problems and risks of the irresponsible use of antibiotics as growth promoters in livestock rations.

“Antibiotics when added to feed end up as residues in meat and fish and ultimately are found in human body tissues. Antibiotics must be preserved for combating disease in the human population which is why Olmix has spent a great deal of time and money in order to bring this new natural growth promoter, to the market.”

The product, made up of activated montmorillonite, diatomaceous earth, clinoptilolite, yeast cell walls, seaweed extract, essential oils and copper and is currently sold in the United States, Asia and Eastern Europe.

The product primarily improves feed conversion and liveweight gain in growing / finishing pigs, broilers, layers (hens and ducks) and cattle. Furthermore it boosts the performance of growing shrimp and fish. (Stuart Lumb)

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