OIE launches web space dedicated to antimicrobial resistance

11-10-2011 | |

Arising from its mandate for the protection of animal health and veterinary public health including food safety, OIE is highly concerned about antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and has decided to create a dedicated web space to provide updated and relevant information on the subject.

“In accordance with the clear mandate given by our Member Countries, the OIE considers the prevention of antimicrobial resistance and the prudent use of antibiotics in animals as one of its key responsibilities and activities” said Dr. Bernard Vallat, Director General of the OIE.
Misuse of antimicrobial agents in both human and veterinary medicine may lead to the emergence of resistant bacteria and treatment failure in humans as well as in animals. As a consequence, suffering and mortalities due to pathogens that would previously be beaten have increased.
In many regions of the world where animals are held, the most appropriate way for delivery and treatment of animals is through veterinarians, as high level specialists trained to that purpose. The OIE considers that the veterinary profession just as medical doctors and pharmacists, must be regulated by law in order to ensure ethic and professional competency which are both essential for the proper use of antibiotics and their acceptable marketing management in the field.  
The new OIE’s AMR web space is meant to be a source of information offering an overview of OIE work in the prevention of antimicrobial resistance, its engagement for prudent use of antibiotics in animals and continuous support to scientific research. 
The web space will focus on:
  • scientific expertise on antimicrobial resistance in the animal health sector
  • information on veterinary drugs to be used in livestock
  • updates on key events
  • OIE international recommendations and standards on antibiotics
  • media content

 Source: World Organisation for Animal Health