NZ pork industry stalls for time for new ban of sow stalls

13-04-2010 | |

The pork industry in New Zealand says it needs more time to comply with a new animal welfare rules that would outlaw sow stalls and farrowing crates.

It says that if a ban is rushed in, a drop in local pork supply will be filled by pork from countries that allow stalls and crates, according to BusinessDay.
The new rules were put forth by the Government last year following a series of piggery scenes were televised by animal welfare activists.
An Agriculture and Forestry Ministry analysis of the economic effect of the code estimates banning stalls and crates would lift pork prices 4.4 to 4.7 per cent and would cost farmers NZ$266 a sow.

Europe’s piggeries were required to remove sow stalls by 2013, though most would not make that date. Nowhere in the world were farrowing crates banned and no moves were under way to change that.