NZ: New distributor for Norel & Nature

21-04-2009 | |

AgriHealth Ltd is the new distributor for Norel & Nature in New Zealand.

Traditionally a large milk producer, New Zealand counts about 4.2 million dairy cows (or one cow per inhabitant!) and 1.2 million heifers. About 80 million broilers are processed every year, this production being essentially under the control of 2 major companies.

The country also has about 3 million layers, with one major player controlling over 50% of egg production and marketing. About 750,000 pigs are produced per year, but due to high production costs, 40% of pig meat consumed is imported.

In this new market for Norel & Nature, AgriHealth is offering a strong network in pig and poultry key accounts, and a good knowledge and experience of dairy cattle influencers (dairy vets) and farmers.

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