NutriFair 2012 – a rather logical success

26-01-2012 | |
Editor of Pig Progress / Topic: Pigs around the world

Is there room for yet another livestock trade show in the full agenda? The practice of NutriFair in Fredericia, 25-26 January, seems to say yes – if only strategically positioned.

It was a big guess for many people involved with NutriFair. Would it be a success? Will the show draw sufficient amounts of visitors? The organisers hoped that 100 companies would sign up so the show would at least break even. Eventually, Messe C was overwhelmed to see 150 coming their way to Fredericia, which was a first sign that the show could be more than successful.

The atmosphere at the first day of the show, which coincided with a meeting of the Danish Pig Producers, confirmed that. Almost 3,000 visitors entered the Messe C in Fredericia, and that is something both organisers and exhibitors will be pleased with.

The main reason behind yet another show is related to complicated diary matters. The traditional annually held Danish agricultural show Agromek has strategically repositioned itself to a biannual event in November. Due to its double focus on both livestock and machinery equipment, the show now takes place just after EuroTier – undisputedly Europe’s largest specialised livestock event.

For both exhibitors and visitors, this creates a virtually impossibly busy month with two major trade shows in a row and no novelties to show on Agromek as they would all have been shown in Hanover, two weeks earlier. Positioning itself cleverly between November 2010 and November 2012, NutriFair set out to just fill that gap.

In addition, the pure livestock focus – so no machinery – made many an exhibitor pleased about the quality of the visitors. Some declared the NutriFair to be the show of the future for Danish livestock industry.

Now it may be a little early to say that. What will happen to NutriFair in 2013 (already confirmed) when it is held only two months after EuroTier and Agromek? Will there be such a large turnout again? Or should the organisers go for a biannual approach too? And on top of that – in January 2013, the deadline for sow breeders to convert to group housing will have passed. This also may be a great contribution to this year’s success.

Some thoughts for later. So far so good – the show has had a good start!