Nutrax: The new generation of phytogenic additives

07-05-2010 | |

With Nutrax®, EW Nutrition announces the release of a new generation of standardised phytogenic feed additives.

For Nutrax®, the essential oils, extracts and oleoresins only are obtained from herbs and spices of the highest quality. For this purpose a combination of different patented extraction methods is used. These special extraction methods optimize the recovery of important secondary plant compounds used in Nutrax® products.
According to the most recent scientific insights, these secondary plant compounds (phytamines such as bitterns, tannins, alkaloids, mucilage) interact within the plant and as such it is only the combination of these substances that determines the effectiveness. Therefore synthesised or isolated substances often do not have the same effect when administered in animals.
For the Nutrax® products, the phytamines thus obtained are combined to form synergistically
acting complexes. Depending on the intended use, these substances are then micro capsulated, coated, or put on carrier-substances via the most recent technologies. They are then combined in a manner that stability until the site of action (gut) could be guaranteed.
EW Nutrition additionally offers a service for detection of the concentration of active
phytogenic compounds in the final feed.
Nutrax®-products are constantly tested by scientific institutes as well as in field trials.
Independent experts consistently confirm the positive performance of our products.
The following Nutrax® products are currently available:
• Nutrax® 310 for piglets
• Nutrax® 340 for fatteners and sows

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