Nuscience plans two new factories in China

12-06-2012 | |

Steady business growth has led the feed mix comany to invest in extra capacity, by building two new facilities in the cities of Suzhou and Tianjin. When finished, Nuscience hopes to produce significantly more premixes, concentrates and piglet feed for the Chinese mainland market.

Nuscience established itself in China in 1997, when the company was still known as Vitamex. Now more than 15 years later and with 3 production sites spread over China, the growth has led to further expansion plans in Suzhou and Tianjin. At Suzhou a second line is under construction next to the existing building to double the capacity. For Tianjin a new location has been found and a larger production set-up will be constructed and operational by end 2013. These factories will produce piglet feed products and premixes for the professional farms in China. Nuscience is strongly committed to its Chinese operations and these investments will lead to further growth.

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