Nursery pigs grow better with copper in diet

13-02-2015 | |
Nursery pigs grow better with copper in diet

Supplementing nursery pigs with a copper supplement significantly improved daily gain by an additional 3% and feed efficiency by 2.6%.

This was shown by Novus in a meta-analysis in which their supplement* was compared to other forms of trace minerals.

Supplementing the chelated form of copper showed improved gut health, hence resulting in a reduction in diarrhoea incidence by 23%, as compared to other trace mineral forms. And, growing-finishing pigs fed the supplement experienced an improved immune response and improved nutrients digestibility in a common corn-soybean diet.

Copper is an essential component of a functional immune system and contributes to performance in a variety of ways including iron utilisation, nutrient absorption and digestion, and general metabolic function. Copper also has similar antibacterial and growth promoting effects as antibiotics.

*Mintrex® Cu

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