NSW pig farm cleared by RSPCA

18-09-2006 | |

An animal activist incident involving a New South Wales pig farm has caused a lot of attention in the Australian pork industry. Eventually, RSPCA cleared the farm of cruelty allegations.

Initially, claims of mistreatment of the pigs were made to NSW police in the Young district, following a farm invasion by animal activists back in early July. The police involved the state’s RSPCA as part of their investigations. Police are yet to conclude their report on this case.
Australia’s pig farmers welcomed the news that the NSW RSPCA cleared the property of any wrong doing relating to the welfare of their pig herd.
It is not the first time incidents like these happen down under. The Australian Pork Limited‘s CEO Andrew Spencer said it shows these random acts of property invasion do not make a positive contribution to a debate relating to animal welfare.
“It is quite clear these indiscriminate farm raids are nothing but stunts designed to grab media attention.”
“As in the cases in South Australia and also in this instance, it makes you suspect what the motivation of these people is and whether the well being of the animals is a primary concern.”