NPPC applauds deal to vote on FTAs

15-05-2007 | |

The US National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) applauded the Bush administration, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and congressional leadership for reaching a bipartisan deal to move forward free trade agreements (FTAs) that will significantly increase exports of US pork.

The administration and the Congress agreed to add, through legally binding mechanisms, standards on labour and the environment to pending and future trade agreements.

Paving the way
The FTA deal paves the way for votes on bilateral free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, Peru and South Korea.

According to Iowa State University economist Dermot Hayes, those trade pacts when fully implemented are estimated to increase US live hog prices per animal by $1.63, $0.20, $0.83 and $10, respectively.

“We appreciate the hard work of USTR ambassador Susan Schwab and Speaker Pelosi and other congressional leaders in unlocking the stalemate on trade,” said NPPC president Jill Appell.

“NPPC is eager to see pork producers reap the benefits of these FTAs. We would like to see all four pending FTAs approved by Congress prior to the August recess”, Appell continued.

“Increasing export markets through international trade agreements is vital to the profitability of US pork producers, and we will fight hard to get these pending FTAs approved,” Appell added.

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