NPB revamps

06-10-2009 | |

Thanks to an extreme makeover, is making it simpler, faster and more fun for consumers to find the information they need while learning about all things pork.

“Your Web site is your calling card today, and the Pork Checkoff is making a major focus,” says Cathy Lee Fredrickson, online content manager for the Pork Checkoff. “We conducted research so we could design the site around visitors’ needs and provide a valuable resource that’s contemporary, engaging and—most importantly—relevant to our pork consumers.”, which was launched in 2000 and redesigned in 2005, has been revamped from the ground up, thanks to a collaborative effort by multiple departments at the National Pork Board. “This reflects a commitment from producers and the Pork Checkoff to investment in the power of the Web to reach and connect with our consumers online,” Frederickson says.

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