NPB discusses strategic plan and budget

13-11-2008 | |

The National Pork Board is meeting this week in Des Moines, Iowa to finalise their decisions on the strategic plan and budget.

In July the National Pork Board identified five issues that it felt were essential to address as part of its strategic plan for the coming year. Those issues were safeguarding and expanding international markets; the trust and image of the industry and its products; the development of human capital; the competitive advantage for U.S. pork; and domestic pork expenditures.

A $55 million budget was put together by a panel of about 60 producers representing the diverse sector of the pork industry and sent to the board in September. The strategic plan and budget will be voted on this week and sent for final approval to the US Secretary of Agriculture.

Also on this week’s agenda will be committee reports and discussion of issues of interest. Those include planning for the 2009 Pork Industry Forum in Dallas in March; a report on the summer-long The Other White Meat tour; an update on the board’s carbon footprint work; plus reports on the “We Care” responsible pork initiative and on recent animal care issues.

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