Now also ASF in pigs in Northern Russia

22-10-2009 | |

Russian veterinary authorities have reported a new outbreak of Africa Swine Fever (ASF) to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), this time in the Northwest Federal district.

The ASF was confirmed at October 14, at the Mga settlement, in Kirovsky, in the Leningradskaya Oblast, in the region of St Petersburg. In a herd of 14, eight animals were found infected, of which seven died of the disease. The rest of the animals was culled.

Shooting and investigation of wild boars were also carried out within Kirovsky district. The result of the pathological material investigation was negative.

Northern Russia
It is the first time that the OIE receives a report of ASF in Northern Russia.

Earlier outbreaks of ASF were confirmed in the South of Russia this fall, relatively close to the Caucasian republic of Georgia. In Chechnya, a wild boar with ASF was culled last week; and in the village of Yashalta (South Russia) two animals were found suffering from ASF. In addition, one animal was found carrying ASF in a village in Rostovskaya Oblast in the South of Russia.

In this oblast, the first African Swine Fever outbreak of this fall was also notified, in the end of September on a 2,791 pig farm, where five animals were found infected.

Two years ago, a range of outbreaks were reported in the Caucasian area.

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