Novus participates in trade mission to Vietnam

02-05-2008 | |

Animal health and nutrition company Novus International participated in a recent trade mission to Vietnam with Missouri Department of Agriculture director, Katie Smith.

At the request of Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, director Smith led the mission to assist Missouri based companies and suppliers in the expanding Vietnam feed industry.

With a population of 85 million people, Vietnam has the fastest growing economy in Asia. “The US exported a record $624 million in agricultural, fish and forest products to the country last year. That was almost a ten-fold increase in exports since 2000. Missouri’s long-term vision and commitment to Vietnam has resulted in opening new markets and increased sales,” said director Smith.

Pivotal to industry
The mission included tours of five new feed mills, the country’s largest swine producer, and an aquaculture operation. The aquaculture and swine industries are considered pivotal to the success of the Vietnamese agricultural industry.

In 2007, it is estimated that Vietnam produced 1.2 million tonnes of catfish surpassing the sectors forecast for 2010. The pig is considered the dominant livestock in Vietnam. It is estimated that pork contributes over 70% of the total meat production for the country.

“This mission, along with our recent decision to construct an Aqua Research Facility on the Nong Lam University campus, illustrate our commitment to the continued development of agriculture in Vietnam and other Asian countries,” explained the company’s CEO and president Thad Simons.

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