Novus International’s 2010 sustainability report awarded

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Novus International, Inc. announces publication of its 2010 Sustainability Report, which documents and measures the company’s comprehensive social, environmental and economic sustainability program globally. Titled Innovation With Integrity, the Sustainability Report1 follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework, and has been awarded the Level B-Check rating by GRI.

The GRI is a comprehensive sustainability reporting framework used by more than 5,000 companies globally. The rating measures the extent, accountability and transparency of the information and key performance indicators reported by participating companies. GRI focuses on disclosure of environmental, social and governance performance.
“Reporting and accountability are key elements of our strategy for sustainable growth, so we are very pleased to achieve the GRI Level B-Check with our third annual sustainability report,” said Thad Simons, president and CEO of Novus. “Significant progress is being made toward our Mission of sustainably meeting the growing global needs for nutrition and health.”
Novus’s sustainability program is focused on forging stronger links between performance, food safety, the environment and animal well-being – market drivers that are shared by urban and rural communities worldwide. In achieving GRI Level B-Check, Novus reports sustainability performance in the areas of social, economic, environmental, human rights and product responsibility.
“Accountable sustainability is a strong contributor of value to our customers in the 90+ countries of Novus’s global footprint,” Simons added. “We have moved from a Corporate Social Responsibility commitment to a deeper, integrated sustainability approach that is based on the triple bottom line principles of social, environmental and economic sustainability. I see this integrated approach to sustainability as the new ‘business as usual.’”
The 2010 Sustainability Report, Innovation with Integrity, may be downloaded here.
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