Noveko signs deal with Monitrol

13-04-2007 | |

Canadian company Noveko International has announced that Canadian agricultural software manufacturer Monitrol will act as the exclusive distributor of Noveko’s patented antimicrobial air filters for the pig and poultry breeding markets in North America.

The North American hog and poultry breeding market currently represents some 125 million linear feet of air filters and potential revenues of approximately US $1.3 billion from the sale of these filters.

Alain Bolduc, president and chief operating officer of Noveko, said he was ‘confident’ that this agreement would enable his company “to achieve a significant breakthrough in the North American hog and poultry breeding market over the next two years.”

“This agreement represents a strategic shift as Noveko’s antimicrobial technology brings considerable added value. Its antimicrobial air filters are a front-line means of prevention for livestock farms, which require reliable and effective means of protection against pandemics that might decimate their livestock herds and potentially affect human health,” according to Gilles Routhier, president of Monitrol.

Monitrol is conducting its first tour of the North American swine and poultry breeding farm market with Noveko’s antimicrobial air filters.

After the agricultural exhibitions in Saint-Hyacinthe (Quebec) and London (Ontario), Noveko’s products will be presented at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, as well as several other agricultural exhibitions in North America.

Noveko International Inc. currently has three subsidiaries: S.A.S. ECM (France), Noveko Inc. and Bolduc Leroux Inc (BLI).

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