No need for cameras when stunning pigs

19-03-2009 | |

No camera supervision is necessary for a proper control on stunning pigs using CO2, Dutch agricultural minister Gerda Verburg has said.

There are other methods being more effective than monitoring from a distance, Verburg said in response to parliamentary questions. Better methods are to monitor the gas blend, gas concentration, ©the alarm system and to observe the animals once they come out of the stunning room.

Animal welfare organisations

The method of stunning through CO2 has been questioned by animal welfare organisations. One of them (Varkens in Nood – Pigs in Distress) even put a film online of pigs being stunned by CO2.

Verburg said that there are many guarantees that the current system is adequate. Veterinarians are constantly monitoring the whole process and have never come across any irregularities.

Research into more animal-friendly gas blends for stunning is already on its way, Verburg reported, as the Animal Sciences Group from Wageningen University & Research Centre will have its report ready on April 1.

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