No fresh pork will enter Australia from NZ

08-06-2011 | |

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator Joe Ludwig (Australia), said it was just plain wrong to suggest that fresh pork can be imported from New Zealand to Australia.

“If Senators Heffernan, Williams, Xenophon and Milne had done their homework, they would know that pork is a black listed product for importation from New Zealand,” Minister Ludwig said.
“Any suggestions that the decision of a foreign government would alter Australia’s science-based biosecurity policy are completely false, and are intentionally fear mongering.”
“Today the four Senators and two pigs in Federation Mall proved they were all stunts and no substance. The unfounded and ill-advised outburst shows again how neither the Coalition nor the Greens are capable of serious national policy debate when it comes to Australia’s biosecurity system. Australia will not be watering down its strict science-based quarantine and border protection system.
“No fresh pig meat will come to Australia without meeting the strictest biosecurity standards. The performance by the Senators today was more appropriate for school yard theatrics, than serious national debate.”

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