No emergency funding for pig farmers in crisis

22-12-2006 | |

According to Pork Nova Scotia of Canada, a lack of government funding will result in many producers liquidating their herds in January.

The producers were described as “stunned” when the province gave the news that there would be no emergency funding for pig farmers in crisis. With rising feed prices and transportation costs, pig producers are not earning money to pay their bills.

The organisation said that as a result of pig producers liquidating their herds in January, the infrastructure and associated suppliers will experience a staggering loss.

Martin Porskamp, Pork Nova Scotia chairman said that the options for the pig farmers are limited, affecting about 1,000 jobs in Kings County alone.

“The Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture has been working with the industry on business development initiatives and the minister has struck a committee to look at a competitiveness transition model for Nova Scotia agriculture. Sadly, we will not be here to reap the benefits of these efforts if the province doesn’t bridge us through the winter to these new programmes,” said Porskamp, adding that the loss of jobs and livelihoods will be “a devastating blow.”

Pork Nova Scotia says production dropped from 215,000 hogs in 2000 to 188,500 in 2005, and more than 30 farms have already disappeared.


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