No Czech pig farmers blocking border

26-03-2007 | |
No Czech pig farmers blocking border

Czech farmers have abandoned their plans of blocking the border with Austria next Thursday.

The announcement follows negotiations with meat processors, retail companies and government officials at the initiative of agriculture minister Petr Gandalovic.

Jan Veleba, president of the Czech Agrarian Chamber, which had called for the blockade, says the crisis committee had decided to carry out milder forms of protest.


Czech pig farmers and meat processors are unhappy about increasing imports of pigmeat which they say are undermining their market position. Traders, however, say they cannot obtain the required volumes and quality from domestic supplies.

Gandalovic pointed out, that some of the imported products come from Czech meat.

The Czech Republic exports a huge number of live pigs because there is more EU-standard processing capacity abroad. The meat is then reimported.

Live exports

However, live animal exports could lead to supply difficulties in the Czech Republic, Gandalovic said.

This was particularly the case for cattle. Last year, Czech farmers exported 38,000 calves and 64,000 fattening bulls to other EU countries.

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