NichePORK Producer Conference

13-12-2006 | |

The NichePORK Pork Producer Conference on 23 January, 2007 in Ohio, will draw the attention of pork producers who are interested in alternative production methods.

The primary focus of the NichePORK Pork Producers Conference will be on providing scientific based information to producers interested in niche markets as well as providing a product with attributes that are customer preferred and valued by the consumer. Producers will also hear from industry experts about research that explains consumer trends and buying potential.
“This conference provides pork producers with an opportunity to learn from and share ideas with industry experts as well as other producers who are having success marketing niche pork,” according to Rick Pfortmiller with the National Swine Registry and member of the Niche Marketing Committee. “If producers have any interest in niche pork production at all, this is the place to be.”
“Market research has shown that there are consumers looking for specific types of pork – whether that is a different breed, locally grown, or pork raised using a unique production method – and there are producers out there who can fulfill those needs,” says Larry Cizek, director of culinary and niche markets for the Pork Checkoff. “Conferences like this help producers in a variety ways. Our goal is to share information with producers as well as learn from them.”
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