New Thinking in electric stock prodders!

25-09-2008 | |

Ever since the invention of the electric stock prod they have always indiscriminately shocked animals with no regard to different sensitivity levels.

Not all animals are the same. When an animal refuses to move an electric stock prod is invaluable. To meet the needs of the few, very stubborn and insensitive animals, electric stock prods have become more and more powerful. When these high power electric stock prods are then applied to sensitive animals, abnormal stresses can be induced. This is a sledge hammer approach when all that was needed is a small rubber hammer.

Now Andytek Enterprises the manfacturers of the WASP brand prodders have developed the “Progressive” power electric stock prod. This is a world first. The patented system gradually increases the power level over a short period of time. The probes are applied to the animal and the button is pressed. As power increases, the animal will determine the point when it is time to move. Only provide what is sufficient and not over power.

There are many benefits of lower stressed animals while handling.

At abattoirs animals are calmer until point of slaughter, resulting in more tender meat.

Loading stock trucks allows animals to be more co-operative instead of overexcited.

Any situation where animals are un-cooperative, they do not become hypo agitated after receiving an excessive electric prod.

Andytek Enterprises ltd. are base in New Zealand.

This NEW system will be showcase for the first time in Europe at EuroTier 2008

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