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16-12-2008 | |

The Pork Checkoff has added extra videos to the internet web-sharing site, YouTube. As the YouTube phenomenon continues to grow and millions of people visit the video-sharing site each month, the pork industry is making its voice heard.

“We’ve recently added three new videos that feature both consumers at the California State Fair and producers from across the country, in their own words,” says Teresa Roof, public relations manager for the National Pork Board. “This is one more way to communicate our messages about the many ways pork producers are doing things right.”

Located on the Checkoff’s YouTube channel, the new videos include:

• Pigs Go Green. Randy Spronk, a Minnesota pork producer, and Brad Greenway, a South Dakota pork producer, describe how they protect the environment, from fertilizing crop ground with swine nutrients to maintaining air quality.

• Ethical Treatment of Pigs. Brad Greenway, along with Dale Norton, a Michigan pork producer, and Leon Sheets, an Iowa pork producer, discuss how proper animal care and modern livestock facilities help farmers supply safe, high-quality food.

•© Hungry Pigs. Dale Norton and Dr. Gene Nemechek, a swine veterinarian and National Pork Board member, explain how pigs are fed a well-balanced diet that provides the proper nutrition for each stage of life.

These new videos, which run approximately one to two minutes each, compliment several other videos that have been posted on the Checkoff’s YouTube channel since May. These clips, which have been viewed worldwide, include “Pig Farmers Take Action” (which focuses on animal health and well-being, including Pork Quality Assurance Plus), “Ride Along with a Pig” (which shows why transportation is a very important issue for pork producers), and “Pigs Are Hungry, Too” (which addresses pigs’ nutritional needs and requirements for optimum care).

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