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The British Pig Executive (BPEX) has confirmed it is to move to using a new logo to promote the high standards of quality assured pig meat to consumers in 2010.

A revised Red Tractor logo will be used, incorporating all the existing standards of the Quality Standard Mark covering production, welfare and quality.

The BPEX board has agreed the change which will take effect from 1 April 2010 and there are plans to produce the logo in pork, ham and bacon variants.

Quality Standard Mark
Until then all BPEX marketing activity will continue to be centred on promoting the Quality Standard Mark and the standards behind the mark.

BPEX chairman Stewart Houston said: “The Quality Standard Mark has been the brand that we have successfully used, and the industry has marched behind, to communicate the high welfare standards and quality of pork and pig meat products we produce to consumers for over a decade.

“Using a variant of logo that has widespread visibility with consumers will be of benefit to the English pig industry.
“Some in the industry will be sad to see the passing of the QSM however the standards and values behind the new logo will be identical to the QSM, the design will be similar and we are planning to have pork, bacon and sausage variants.

Commenting on the timing of the change Chris Lamb, BPEX head of marketing said: “It is important that we manage the transition to the new logo in a timely fashion. We already have a lot of marketing activity planned for the rest of the year based on the QSM logo and with Christmas also fast approaching April seemed the logical time to make the switch.

“By announcing the transition now it gives everyone in the supply chain time to prepare for the change whilst ensuring that consumers can continue to buy quality pork produced to higher welfare standards with confidence.”

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