New hog assembly yard for Canadian co-op

06-03-2009 | |

The Manitoba Pork Marketing Co-op, which currently operates two assembly yards is planning a third facility with construction intended to start this spring.

The cooperative currently operates assembly yards at Neepawa and New Bothwell and is planning a third facility in the Stonewall area around the Perimeter Highway and Number 6 highway at Winnipeg Livestock. Co-op CEO Perry Mohr recalls there were half a dozen packing plants in Winnipeg 25 years ago but now there are none and Brandon has become hog central.

“We’ve presently got producers that are hauling their pigs all the way from the Interlake area down into New Bothwell to be assembled so they’re paying freight to go to New Bothwell and then they’re paying freight from New Bothwell to other destinations as well and in some cases they’re back-tracking,” Mohr stated.

“If you look at that particular area there’s a Hutterite demographic there that’s quite densely populated with Hutterites and we’re hoping to capture some of the cull market as well with that facility out at Stonewall.”

Construction should begin in the spring with the facility being fully operational by mid-summer.

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