New foot bath – a timely launch for pig producers

12-05-2011 | |

The launch of the Hysolv FootCheck could not be more timely for pig producers as the industry faces up to new assurance standards on biosecurity including foot dips and the challenge to reduce the risk through transmission of diseases between premises.

The Hysolv FootCheck delivers both dependable disinfection and an audit trail of disinfectant use for pig producers. What’s more it can deliver considerable savings on disinfectant costs through ensuring users have the correct dilution of produce – and no more.
The new foot bath, based on an innovative and registered design brings a number of unique features to a rather overlooked area of biosecurity. First, it has a unique system for measuring out exactly the right amount of concentrated disinfectant for its 15 litre capacity. Second, it has a ribbed floor design that reduces the risk of users slipping. A lid ensures that, once placed in position at a biosecurity boundary, rainwater cannot dilute the mixture nor will evaporation affect dilution. It also ensures dust or other dirt cannot blow into the container which can often affect the efficacy of the chemicals.
Finished in a bright orange colour the foot bath stands out and it is constructed in durable HDPE to ensure it lasts and is easily cleaned.  It can be used with any Defra-approved disinfectant.
Last, but by no means least given the proposed requirements for auditable foot dip use, is a panel that takes peelable adhesive labels to record the disinfectant concentrate and dilution rate together with the date/ time of change. These labels can be removed and placed directly into the audit documentation to demonstrate best practice to assurance scheme auditors.
Often foot baths are made by recycling various shaped old containers and that makes the Foot Check’s recommended retail price of £36 seem quite expensive. But the precision that can be achieved in dilution rates means the product will quickly cover its costs.
Full details of the FootCheck, along with a calculator to assess potential savings from accurate dilution, can be found on the Hysolv website –

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