New feed for piglets

13-08-2007 | |

Vitamex introduces a revolutionary feed, Babipops, that is particularly well adapted to piglets and is a problem-solving solution for specific piglet needs.

During the weaning period, the health and condition of the animals is of prime importance for a good start. Some problems are due to the loss of immunity from the sow’s milk, the unsatisfactory development of the active immune system and rapid changes in the intestinal flora which affect the microvilli and the enterocytes.

Research on aromas and sweeteners has played a major role in the development of Babipops. Together with the use of appetising acids, a perfect blend of sweet and sour taste was sought.

Recently, the influence of other components on food intake has been examined. From various surveys, the importance of proteins and peptides has been demonstrated. Good food intake should be coupled with rapid digestion and excellent intestinal health. For this reason, use has been made of a tasty acid combination that ensures low acidity in the stomach. Medium-length fatty-acid chains in turn ensure the stabilisation of the gastro-intestinal flora.

Babipops contain:
• the best milk products to ensure early and substantial food intake
• a combination of acids for high food intake
• mixtures of medium-length fatty-acid chains (AROMABIOTIC)
• lactic acid and calcium formate to ensure low acidity
• omega-3 and omega-6 fatty-acids, combined with unsaturated fatty-acids for ideal condition of the piglets
• a combination of highly-digestible proteins both from treated soya and other vegetable raw materials
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