New farrowing ark released for outdoor pigs

16-02-2010 | |

Pig breeders now have access to a newly-designed farrowing ark that is kind to the environment.

Using the product can reduce the number of piglet deaths due to crushing or aggression from the sow, and improves the health and wellbeing of sow and piglets alike.©©

Part of the so-called ‘Eco Pig Ark’ range, produced by UK-based company Solway Recycling, the farrowing ark is designed to allow the pregnant and suckling sow natural freedom of movement and interaction with her young, whilst keeping piglets secure.©

Recycled waste agricultural plastic
It is supplied at 2.4 m x 2.4 m standard size, with other dimensions available if required. The farrowing ark is made of recycled waste agricultural plastic.

According to the company, recycled plastic is ideal for animal housing because it is maintenance-free, non-absorbent, insulating, chew-resistant and non-toxic, durable, easy to pressure wash or steam clean and unaffected by exposure to sunlight.

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