New Dutch agriculture minister named

14-02-2007 | |

Following the signing of a new coalition agreement in the Netherlands, Gerda Verburg has been named the new minister of agriculture, replacing Cees Veerman.

The former trade unionist is vice chairman of the Christian Democratic Party (CDA) and will be the first woman in the country’s history to hold the post of agriculture minister.

In her career, Verburg has not had much agricultural experience, although her parents owned a dairy farm and her grandparents were farmers.

Sensitive issues

Verburg will be dealing with sensitive issues as reducing the European agricultural subsidies and also matters of animal welfare.

The last matter she will meet soon enough as it was put on the Dutch parliamentary to-do-list by environmental activists of Friends of the Earth (Milieudefensie) on Tuesday.

By means of public initiative, having collected over 40,000 signatures, the activists called on the Dutch Parliament to discuss the end of intensive livestock production in the Netherlands.

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