New distributor for Norel&Nature in Indonesia

26-10-2009 | |

PT. Sehat Cerah Indonesia has been appointed as sole distributor for Norel&Nature feed additives in Indonesia.

Based in Jakarta, PT. Sehat is the Animal Health Company of a group of companies operating in the poultry sector in Indonesia and Malaysia. The animal feed industry in Indonesia has a production capacity of more than 11 million tonnes per year.

The major livestock population in Indonesia is poultry, with an estimated 75 million layers and about 1.2 billion broilers per year, and a large native chicken production. There are also 12 million heads of cattle while swine population is less than 7 million. East Java is ahead of other regions for poultry, because a lot of corn is produced in this area. About 80% of compound feed is used in poultry.

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