New climate controller for pig house

10-10-2007 | |

Fancom will be introducing a new type of climate controller during the agricultural show Landbouwvakbeurs in Den Bosch, the Netherlands.

The Dutch company which focuses on climate, feeding and weighing control will be introducing the Fancom F21, a new controller for 24 sections in a pig house.

One device will be sufficient for accurate climate control in all sections and efficient central air control. The main features of the new controller are its simple operation, the large number of functions and the intelligent climate control that generates energy savings.

Easy to use
The new controller has a large display showing all the important data about the climate process. The main data of all sections can be displayed using one key.

Visualising information is understanding information, even for inexperienced users. Installing the controller is easy as the I/O-net requires one cable.

The controller has a complete climate control for 24 sections and central control for ventilation and heating. The system is modular, so that a customised solution can be offered for each type of house – from large to small.

The controller has a standard EasyFeed feed control, for quick and efficient control of a simple dry feed installation.

The innovation also offers extensive registration of management information such as animal data, feed and water consumption.

Saving energy
The controller is particularly suitable for the company’s CentralFlow ventilation concept with a central exhaust. Based on the user settings, the controller automatically calculates the best positions for the air inlet, exhaust, heating and any humidity or cooling.

Control of the central fan is accurately harmonised with these positions. The controller automatically takes outside conditions into account and compensates for seasonal influences.

Plus, the controller ventilates based on animal weight. This ensures there is always enough fresh air in the sections, using the minimum amount of energy.

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